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Requirements for Neat OS X Related Links. Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet. You can add your suggestions to the right. App Name. Smile Score. Suggest other similar software suggested. Neat User Discussion Leave a Review. Current Version 4. Downloads 20, Version Downloads 2, License Shareware. Date 16 May To leave a comment, you need to be logged in. Log in.

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Sign up. Sort by: If you need to remove a plug-in to remove the ones you no longer need. Please note where the reports indicates:. This means the Neat software is likely causing the problem. To uninstall, first check with the developers to see if they have any instructions for uninstalling. If they do not then locate the application and drag it to the Trash and empty the Trash. Did you try the driver s from this site: Download Neat scanner drivers for Windows or Mac. If that fails try the 32 bit version of VueScan from here.

Oct 7, 9: Hi, it is me again I have done all that you mentioned in the last reply. Yes, I have downloaded the software from " Neat scanner drivers for Windows or Mac. Restarted in Safe mode, and tried Image Capture again. Same result, as before. Dec 20, 8: I have the same problem. I went through the steps with NSDK3 error. I tried the download link and am getting a message that my membership expired.

I can't re-download the software? Never heard of that with a scanner before. When it works, it's nice. When it doesn't, you're stuck!!! How do I get my Neat scanner to work after updating to OS Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Desktops Speciality level out of ten: More Less. All replies Drop Down menu.

Loading page content. To a small extent. While we are told the encryption is secure, how do we know for sure? We have to trust them. The reality being that if they did give additional keys to law enforcement or government, do you think they would admit it? As far as Neat Corp. They are listed on this page:. I would start with Michael Crincoli the president of the company but I would also send a copy to the other officers listed on the page.

These are the guys that need to hear from you. This might be the only way to get the company to address your concerns. As it is in the world leaders always emerge and soon acquire smaller players and sometimes competitors.

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I think we are a couple of years away from that happening in the consumer document management business sector. However, you might also want to send copies of the same letter to their competitors in this area. Doing so reminds them they are competing against other worthy companies and the other companies might just decide to create a product that does exactly what Neat Desktop Software does and not only that, they may design the software so that it will directly import the Neat Software database library file.

So you win either way. I bought it with the small bar scanner but eventually upgraded to the Scansnap Si which is great for Neat and a whole bunch of other uses found box of old photo snapshots into iPhoto? Neat has always given me reason to question their business practices. The final straw was when using the legacy desktop version, I would dump in a ton of receipts, analyze them and then go to clean them up. I did a quick check of the ScanSnap Receipts and it is straightforward and simple. It looks like a simple database app with a quickly sketched front end. Paperless does offer a discount if you move from another solution to theirs.

You have to email them for a code or something. Running Neat Desktop on Sierra can corrupt your imported documents. It does occasionally crash, but other than that it seems to work fine. I had been experiencing problems with my Neat scanner for some time, but I also use SnapScan which I prefer My desktop quit syncing, however. I also drag copies from the Neat folders when it is open, into dropbox and on my HD.

I detest using cloud. The older versions of Neat have potential corruption issues when running on Sierra. Everything may appear fine… but the database corruption can happen without warning. At a minimum, run Time Machine before and after each use. What a mess this is becoming…. Bottom line, Neat officially says not to run legacy Neat Desktop on Sierra and based on my tests… I totally agree.

Christopher, just wanted to add my two cents based on personal horrors with Neat software and having read through some but not all of these posts: The cloud app crashes after 5 or 10 seconds, every time, since late — it is completely unusable for me.

There is more than one way to access Neat.

I became so frustrated with the hours of troubleshooting and horrendous Philippine outsourced tech support and three months of deaf ears from Corporate Customer Service in Philadelphia, that I finally lodged a Better Business Bureau complaint immediately after leaving two voice mails for The Neat Company President, Michael Crincoli. We arranged to speak the following week and I had a lengthy minute conversation with Jeff on March He said that a solution resolving the issue was in regression testing and would likely be released by the end of March.

He also committed to dealing with the broader poor customer service issues. I wanted to thank you for such a good post. I have a mac at home, a Windows box at work, and when I purchase things out and about, the only tool at my disposal is my iPhone. Thank you again for sharing your insights. Windows 10 sometimes uses helpers to install older software not built for Windows His blog is here: Neat 5.

Currently I have a two-step solution. While Paperless today is not great for scanning, it is excellent for archival and sorting documents. Tried Paperless. Mariner is working on Paperless 3 right now, which is a major rewrite. Neat created a monopoly in the semi-premium offline document management market. It will take awhile for the other solutions to fill that void. Thanks for the reviews of Paperless Juliet and Louis. I am trying to be patient waiting for the next Paperless version in order to start testing a new solution.

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I also went back to my old version that I had still installed and have stopped syncing online entirely, despite the fact that I paid for the year. Thus far its only crashing which I am thankful for but I need to start moving off Neat before something catastrophic happens. Anyone want to offer a suggestion on which Scansnap they have been happy with?

There are so many versions that its a little confusing. Thanks everyone for the great discussion and Christopher for creating this so we can help each other find a solution. I bought the iX a while ago after I started having issues with Neat. If I could go back and add up all the frustrating minutes and hours I spent using the Neat scanner… Anyway, quality of life — worth it.

The Scansnap software is a bit scrimpy. Hi, Chris. To work around that, I replaced my Neat Desktop Scanner which was getting sort of cranky anyway, with misfeeds and bad scans now and again with a Fujitsu SnapScan. Paperless then imports those PDFs and allows you to search them. It will also scan straight into a number of apps, including EverNote and Photos, as well as to a folder or Google Drive. Since the SnapScan is making searchable PDFs, you could theoretically just use the file system, letting Spotlight do the searching.

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That actually seems to work surprisingly well. It did with Neat, too. You have to do it once per folder, so it is a little fiddly not to lose all your folder structure. Then you have PDFs that are easy to import into Paperless or anything. This was not a cheap move — the Fujitsu scanner is expensive. OTOH, it does seem to be remarkably awesome, with improved paper handling and better color matching than the Neat Desk scanner.

Paperless is not free, but not expensive. You might skip it and try the software Fujitsu bundles, too. So far, it has worked well. And having a company who will actually respond to you when you have questions about the software is excellent, as will be ongoing support for future versions of Mac OS. My story: After I upgraded to Sierra Mac I upgraded to Neat 4. It works on Sierra However it is possible to select the document from the list by double clicking it, and in the pop-up window flowing from page to page behaves normally.

For example, if you have a four page PDF and you delete page 4, the thumbnails in the sidebar will show 4 of them, even though the document has only three pages. This problem is avoided if I close the last Neat window before selecting Command-Q to quit. If I just quit the application without closing all Neat active windows, it spawns two Neat instances the next time Neat launches. Aside from these 5 odd buggy behaviors, the application still works. But this is not a long term solution if Neat has abandoned all of us desktop users. It is time for all of us to find a new choice.

I think this is the first report of someone downgrading to Neat 4.

Neat EcoSystem FAQs

If you have a machine that runs Sierra well short-term for migration, install Yosemite in VMWare and run Neat inside that. I begrudgingly have used Neat for about 5 years with the NeatDesk. The scanner is a phenomenal piece of hardware but their software has consistently sucked. Just found this post — so the question may be redundant, but, I have If I go to the newest OSX — will this run?

If it does run, you risk data corruption. Either update to Which is also probably why Neat was never cross-platform compatible with their databases either. Ok , March 22 I purchase a neat receipt scanner portable pro with the intent to scan receipts to my desktop , well much to my surprise they want cloud based subscriptions. Nope sorry not with my data, so before I send it back, what are my current options for the options to scan and export these receipt scans to quick books? I am looking good for something simple. I am not a tech save person..

Apps like Paperless are now getting much more attention than they anticipated.

If you are on Windows, you can continue to use older Neat versions. They work fine with Windows 10 after some installation workarounds. Where can I find the legacy software download? There is nothing on the neat website. This is my main issue. Hello, Thank you for contacting Neat. Unfortunately, we will not be able to fulfill your request. Legacy versions non cloud versions of Neat are currently only available as a courtesy to previously registered Neat customers. You can download the latest version of our software on our website http: Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns in a reply to this case.

Christopher, Thank you for this page and information. There are times when the internet can be a enemy or a friend. Yesterday trying to locate the information I needed on the Neat website it was my enemy, But late yesterday after my last attempt at googling I stumbled on this page.

I want to thank you for putting this together. I now have a chance of making my Idea a reality! Where can I find information on scanning receipts to quick books? Windows will close program and notify you if a solution is available. I was able to fix it as a scan was in process I rebooted a few times and deleted it and that solved the problem, I apologize if i come to you with issues but you are the expert and I am fumbling around in the dark , Thank you for allowing me to ask questions.

I am sooooo screwed — need help… a couple of weeks ago I scanned in all of my receipts for my taxes. I have to go to my accountant tomorrow morning so I was going to put the report on a Zip drive. I go to the Cabinet itself and try and force open — no luck. I am not a computer person and a newbie on MAC. Running OS Sierra I have reloaded the neat desktop software and also new driver — no luck….

First, you need to stop running legacy Neat Desktop on Sierra. You need to install an old version of OS X preferably Depending on the level of corruption, you may need to recover from a backup. I almost never do this. It is simply creating too much confusion, and giving people a false sense of security with running Neat on Sierra. Neat has said they will only patch the new cloud-based version of their app, and Legacy Desktop versions will never be fixed. If you have already updated, do what I note above, and install an old version of OS X preferably They need to offer something in return.

As someone that has had to perform pivots and kill apps in the past… I can tell you the answer is probably not. Neat Desktop still works fine on the platforms that Neat touted they work with. On Mac, it works with the OS X releases they touted it would work on. Aside from an installation issue which can easily be solved , most people are not having major issues. If you bought a Neat Desk when El Capitan shipped — and held onto it past the return period, on the premise that Neat would fix El Capitan bugs, you may be due a refund under the principle of detrimental reliance.

They have a right to change their business. Thank you for your page… started playing around and downloaded 4. I had even tried a free trial back in the fall. So, I spent the money, bought the software and have had problems ever since with the OCR. Numbers do quite well with the OCR but the text fields are another matter.

So, you have to manually enter the Merchants into the Library Config area in order for the OCR to hopefully recognize it. I want my money back. In the meantime, I wrote to Neat, urging them to reconsider because I and thousands like me, refuse to put secure docs in the cloud. I welcome any advice! Will Paperless meet my needs, and significantly reduce the amount of data entry needed?

Bought a NeatConnect Scanner a little while back without realizing that they had discontinued it. Never took it out of the box because I was planning on returning it but then I saw your article Plan A and it got me thinking. Some of them are way too sensitive for me to feel comfortable putting them up in the cloud.

Support - The Neat Company

All of which I would like to be keyword searchable. What would it take to pull off your Plan A? I am totally willing to buy a laptop which will probably run Windows X to be totally dedicated to this task and this task alone. Just buy a used laptop running 8. The most direct route for Mac users is to stick with OS X Yosemite and dedicate a machine to that, though El Capitan can be made to work properly with most Neat scanners. Thanks for saving me a ton of headaches. Managed to get my files backed up from a pc that was way past being replaced, but then discovered that I could no longer down 5.

You just made me day and saved 8 years worth of info for me. And have been using it for a week. Works very well and has pretty good feature parity with Neat, plus there is a solid history of continued development. Hoping this works well for others too. You sir… are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you, thank you, thank you…. Neat was fantastic!! Right up until they decided to inflict the cloud on their customers. I cannot put into words how disgusted I am with the disaster that this company became in the space of month.

The cost of fixing this mess has been in the tens of thousands of dollars. After months of trouble shooting I managed to limit crashing not eliminate by replacing a PC, changing physical scanners from Neat to the excellent Fuji Scansnap ONLY scanning a SINGLE page at a time and using a seperate folder to scan into, then drag and drop across to that once-great platform Neat.

I appreciate providing support to such a woeful why are they doing this to me??!!!???? Absolutely horrific and infuriating. How anyone could ruin such a great product so quickly, so maliciously and so destructively is beyond me. Tell me how much a working neatdesk is and I would have paid it twice over!! But then a week ago I noticed I only had the first page of a few hundred scanned combined documents due to the issue detailed very well by Rich Holland here:.

Unlike Mr. My only question is — has anyone else been able to get their Neat Scanner to work on High Sierra with Paperless or just Image Capture in general or any scanner software? Also, if anyone at Neat ever reads this — L O L that you think anyone would upload all their financial documents to an online cloud service, especially run by a company who has put out such buggy software in the past and reacts to new OS updates by dragging their feet for 6 months about supporting it even though the OS has been available to developers as a beta for months. Thank you so much for the downloads!

Any new conclusions after this very appreciated article? I like you like the desktop version but have been forced to switch to web based. Not quite the same. Thinking of switching to another system. I use PC. Thanks to competition probably from Office Lens , Adobe has made the free version more expansive. The app locks up and shuts down. Interestingly it continues processing the quesed doc after you close it and restart it. Not every one can have reliable internet at all times and frankly, the cloud is not secure. The El Capitan still there but, will it work?

Ugh — it appears that the links are now down! Did anyone download the Windows Update file that could post it somewhere for us to download? Possibly the full install version too in case the update version bombs out? Hi all, at the start of the year, Neat pulled all old downloads except for the El Capitan un-beta.

I am doing this in compliance with California law that requires device makers to offer parts and support for up to seven years, which Neat is not doing by pulling essential downloads that cause their scanners to stop functioning. However, multiple people have reported to me that Neat support is not complying with CA law, by failing to provide them with the downloads on-request.

This is similar to the GNU GPL, which does not require public downloads — it merely requires that companies offer the code when users submit a request. If Neat offers a means to provide users with these downloads, I would be willing to take them down after a DMCA request. I hope to get them back online shortly. I will post a comment and update the article with the new links when they are back up.

Or do I need to buy a whole new scanner as well as switching software? My Neat is now scanning documents and rearranging page orders on me, which is entirely annoying. Found a link that still works: Thank You Maxxis! I just purchased an ND at a thrift store that appears to be new in the box but the CD was missing.

After finding out Neat went completely cloud based, I figured I had a boat anchor. I was working on Neat Lite and the web thing over the last few days been a customer for several years. They had a great product and now it is so slow, so convoluted, that it is nearly unbearable to use. Got to find a better solution that is not going down hill.

The Neat software you are trying to access is no longer supported. If you are not a current subscriber, please visit http: Error message: I tried the Neat It was downloaded on The size is MB ,, bytes. While I subscribe to Neat Cloud at the moment, I have all the documents local on my PC, but dont know how to get them to another tool. Has anyone found a way to get the Neat details out and into another document archiving software without re-doing them one at a time? I am looking for something to manage two small businesses and my personal details and am willing to use another software tool, but dont want to deal with all the additional work to move over.

I downloaded the last official version of the desktop software and it sees my mobile scanner. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. You are here: Neat for OS X — 4. Neat Could Fix This! Moving On Realistically, Neat is unlikely to take my advice. So now, I have some decisions to make. Share this: Email Print Tweet. Bud April 5, at Hope someone will figure out how to stop the stupid message. Meteorlady July 12, at Then I cannot scan over maybe 10 pages of a combined without it going into la la land.

Fee June 4, at Long Time Neat User June 27, at 1: David Bidwell December 7, at 7: Daniel April 5, at Keith G July 28, at 4:

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