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I wanted to make my PVR backend go to sleep when idle. That worked.

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Then I tested Kodi on Windows: I waited a few minutes and eventually decided to wake it up via my router's WOL tool again which worked. No WOL packet was being sent on my physical network interface according to Wireshark. After disabling the VirtualBox ethernet interface, Kodi was able to wake up the remote host, indicating that Kodi does send the packet and that the receiving system is able to respond correctly to the packets by waking up , however the packets might be sent on the wrong interface.

The remote host remains asleep if the networking stack chooses a different network interface to broadcast the WOL packet on.

Send one WOL packet per available network interface: Ensure your computer has multiple network interfaces present either physical, or some virtual ones e. VM interfaces or VPN links and enabled. This should be reproducible with any Kodi component that uses Wake-on-LAN, I have only had experience with this functionality via the specific add-on I refer to though.

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Looking at the code it doesn't look like it will give any useful information in this case only that it successfully sent the WOL packet - not which interface it sent it on. Debug log from Windows: Relevant lines: WakeOnLan - Magic packet send to ' Wireshark packet example for first WOL packet from Search results will be displayed automatically. Information similar to the following will be displayed.

Tap on General. Tap About.

Setting up your network connection

Android Tap on the Apps icon from your device's Home screen. Tap on the Settings icon. Tap on the About device icon or About Phone on some devices. Tap on Status. Select Settings. Apple TV Go to Settings. Select General. The third option is to use your mobile phone or tablet as a remote control using an app such as the Official Kodi Remote. In this chapter, you will learn just how easy it is to put everything together. Building your own system is very easy and by following these four simple steps, you will have the system ready to be booted up with an operating system in less than 30 minutes.

In this chapter, you will learn which operating system you should choose and how to install it. LibreELEC is a just enough operating system for Kodi, which means that every additional operation has been taken away and the whole distribution has been optimized for Kodi use only. While LibreELEC is a good option for many, you may sometimes prefer to have the full Linux operating system running in the background, so that you can add additional features such as home automation and media server capabilities.

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Here are the detailed instructions on how to format your microSD card: You can download the latest OSMC version here. Before proceeding with these instructions, plug in the microSD card reader and unplug any other USB storage devices to make sure you will not format an incorrect drive by accident. In this chapter, you will learn ways to add more content sources such as live TV streaming, Netflix streaming, high-fidelity music streaming and local media files.

I would also suggest checking out my complete Kodi guide , if you wish to learn more ways to set up and customize Kodi. Here are the detailed instructions to add sources to video, music, and photo menus: Just buy and download PlayOn here and install it on your Windows-based computer.

Continue reading more advanced instructions here if you want to seamlessly integrate Netflix and Hulu into Kodi. The RasPi does not have hardware decoding support for any other video codec other than H. Fortunately, there is an easier way should you have another desktop PC or a media server.

How to install Kodi on the Raspberry Pi using NOOBS

In this chapter, you will learn performance improvement tricks that are particularly important if you own an older Raspberry Pi model. By following these tips and tricks, you can significantly speed up your Raspberry Pi 1 system compared to the original baseline. You can safely speed up the RPi by overclocking it. Overclocking did not have as high of an impact as I was hoping for, but booting-up time improved. However, movie library importing and navigation speed remained on the same level. Video will still play at full resolution e.

The Only Raspberry Pi 3 Kodi Tutorial You Will Ever Need

I noticed about a 20 percent improvement in the navigation menu speeds on RPi 1, so if you do not need p resolution in the menus, this change will make your system feel snappier. However, there are even more beautiful skins available such as Kodi default Estuary skin, Aeon Nox and Mimic that work fine on Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 according to my tests. By default, XBMC will extract thumbnails from videos that have no thumbnail in the library.

As this consumes quite a lot of CPU performance, you should disable this feature to speed up navigation in the library. I would recommend adjusting the display refresh rate to match video in order to get smoother video playback. Another way to smoothen the playback is to use audio passthrough. For example, during my tests, a p video was buffering frequently over a wireless network with SMB protocol, but with NFS it played smoothly without any buffering issues.

In this chapter, you will learn ways to add home automation features with Raspberry Pi to make your home smarter. If you have replaced your old Raspberry Pi with a newer third generation model, it would be a shame to throw the old model away. One great way to still use your old Raspberry Pi is to repurpose it as a music player around your home. Volumio is a great music system that replaces your Kodi XBMC based operating system to play all your music, whether it is a high-resolution file or Spotify, with the highest quality. You can control it with your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

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I have been very satisfied with Volumio, and I have a separate HiFiBerry-powered RPi and active speakers in my living room to easily play music whenever I want. These are more advanced instructions and go beyond the scope of this tutorial, so you can find the instructions here:. To help you to get started, I created a free step-by-step eBook that you can use to quickly apply the relevant steps from this post to your Raspberry Pi and Kodi installation.

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Click below to download the free eBook: After you have set up your own Raspberry Pi, be sure to continue reading my guide to customizing Kodi with all the bells and whistles. You are here: Extra chapters included! Chapter 1: Parts You Will Need In this chapter, you will learn which components you should choose for optimal performance based on my experience. Case to prevent overheating Memory card for optimal performance Power supply to avoid any reliability issues And more tips on component selection. Get the Flirc Raspberry Pi case , which is hands down the best case.

Get the SanDisk Extreme 16GB or more , which includes wear levelling to increase the longevity of the memory card. Get a good-quality power adapter.

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