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There are several velocity layers in action — certainly enough to smooth things out in a mix. But I can still hear tonal 'jumps' between these velocity ranges and, put simply, the more you notice them, the more annoying they become. I must keep this in proportion, though — Elektrik Piano is a far better emulation than any other sample CD or synth I have heard to date.

I just wish someone could nail this velocity switching problem once and for all! The Fenders arguably suffer most of all in this respect, given their bell-to-bite nature across the velocity range.

Native Instruments THE GRANDEUR - jazz piano (free patch)

The use of release samples is transparent, and that's the way it should be. I tried hard to hear any clicks, or obvious crossfades on key release, but I couldn't spot any. The Wurlitzer A Presets benefit greatly from this feature; I find the slight 'choking' of the A voicing during release one of its most endearing traits, and NI have captured it beautifully. It was gratifying to launch into my painfully limited renditions of Supertramp riffs and hear such a close copy of those glorious tones.

But for me it's the Clavinet Presets that are the stars of the show. There's plenty of body to the samples here, and the chorused, filtered and phased variants are simply wonderful.

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I had to reach for an external plug-in to get a satisfactory flanged Clavinet, but I can forgive it that — the source material is just gorgeous. I admit it — I'm deeply impressed! The pianos are great, the Clavinet is excellent, and the number of variants in the form of EQ and effects should please all but the pickiest players. The picky ones can just add some plug-in effects, and then they should be happy too.

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Comparisons are readily available. Good though these instruments are, I feel that Elektrik Piano exhibits a more authentic depth and vibrancy.


It also seems somehow more 'playable' to my fingers, but that is undoubtedly going to be a subjective matter. I'm sure Native Instruments have another winner on their hands here — even the price is right. Instrument Presets NI have designated each of the four sampled keyboards an Instrument and each of the processed variants of the Instruments are named Presets. Further Options Although Elektrik Piano 's front panel is relatively simple, there are a number of controls hidden behind the Option button that enable you to take greater control if necessary.

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In Use That's the mechanics, but how does it sound? Conclusion I admit it — I'm deeply impressed! Previous article Next article.

Using a Akoustik piano (from Komplete 5) with Komplete 11.

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Applied Acoustics. View the discussion thread. Polyphony - Variable, up to simultaneous voices. Keyboard - 73 virtual keys. Macintosh - Minimum: OrionTheDrummer , Sep 8, Electrik Piano is in Komplete 7 too. Possible just the newer Scarbee version The other two are discontinued. There's a full installer of Pro which needs a different serial number than the original that can be downloaded if you own Komplete it was when the UB update came out for IntelMacs, so they released full installers for both platforms for compatibility reasons.

That's on the updates page. There's no full installer for B4 II other than that on the install disk. The Elektrik piano samples and patches are now within the Kontakt 4 factory library. Icaras , Sep 8, You wouldn't need the new serial number. And, I couldn't really say if it does with K5 or not; I'm guessing probably not now that I think about it as the K5 had the latest Pro installer on it.

Sorry for getting your hopes up if it isn't ew. We're getting closer! Thanks all for your help, ew. So as an update, I found these items under my account on the update page. You can get there by visiting this link:

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