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You got me so twisted imma pee vomit Hell no I don't need a rescue Must I remind you girlfriend I left you I thought stalkers were only found in the horror movies with creeper sounds Until this morning when i looked outside And saw you standing there with a freakish frown What the hell is wrong with you? I think you need a talking to Fuck it imma get a cop or two And then I'm gonna snitch to your mom on you Don't treat this as flattery You text message me so many times that you ran down my battery And honestly i think you might be the only person in the history of cellphones to pull that off Listening to my favorite song With the curtains closed till the day is gone The Sun's outside and the rain is warm Ain't no radio they'll play me on Listening to my favorite song Don't remember what drugs im on Don't remember what the fuck is wrong Then it hits me again my love is gone Heyyo heyyo I'm hustling they can't stop me Heyyo heyyo got vodka in my coffee Heyyo heyyo I'm hustling they can't stop me Heyyo heyyo got vodka in my coffee.

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Hadn't listened to P. S since college, but instantly recognized his voice on the speakers in a bar last month. Oneirology by CunninLynguists.

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Bestows the listener on a journey through a dreamy and nightmarish world, through the conscious lyrics to the deep atmospheric beats Potelin X by Potelin. Goodnight Courtney by Quelle Chris.

Narration and music by Jean Grae. Quelle Chris and Jean Grae team up for this EP that tells the story of a "lovable character that nobody loves. We detected some issues. Edit lyrics.

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