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You may want to re-cast your question. And before you ask, there is no know protection if the user installs the bad things. Why this is, is very simple. The entire idea of the personal computer is to give you, the owner the capability to install anything. And it does not write. Let's see if I've got this straight. Macs don't get viruses but they can get malware. The term virus includes malware and the term malware includes viruses.

Is that right?

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Sounds like something from Abbot and Costello! You have to nod and let them go on. Say something like a Xbox or PS3? As folk change the "includes" then.

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If people just understood that they have to be careful, have a good up to date antivirus program, and make regular backups, the Windows architecture would be pretty viable. Of course when you market something to millions, there're always going to be those who have to learn the hard way, and maybe a few who never learn. I've never had a Mac so I'm very naive about how they work. That's why I get confused when I read they don't get viruses but do get malware.

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I take it Macs are much more restrictive about what you can install on them. I see Download. Interesting question. Sure, the Apple can get malware, trojans and such. But a virus has been defined as something that replicates and installs without the user helping. If folk redefine what a virus is, then you might not be able to help them but let's give that re-definition a few years and keep the definitions clean today for this discussion.

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I do use Apple things and don't use any antivirus because I have yet to find a virus. As to malware, I don't install bad things and I'm fine here. You see folk asking if they need it for their Smart TV! Here's how to find such a thing. Thanks, Bob, for being the only person to try to answer my question. I just wanted a layer of protection. My son is 10, and he is using this Mac mostly for watching Youtube videos of others playing Minecraft go figure or videos of Lego movies.

He is playing with friends on Minecraft now on another computer, and I never thought I'd hear the words "There's cake on the toilet! So whatever protection you call it, it does not matter to me. I'm a little leery of leaving the Mac unprotected. Unfortunately, the sites that will take me to download one of these compatible programs, then tell me that it is obsolete or invalid.

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This is not surprising. I just wish it weren't so. I suppose I need to wipe as much personal and financial information as I can off this Mac, and let it go.

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Now I have neither, the latter having forced an update which my Mac could not support. Thanks again for trying to help me! The last time I had this conversation with someone, here on CNET, I pointed them at the Wiki page as, at that time, Wikipedia showed a clear and distinct difference between malware and virus. As Wikipedia can be edited by almost anyone, it is not surprising that the definition changed. But back to your dilemma. Take a look at this link; http: It is still updated, albeit manually, so you should be alright.

It will not catch that annoying toolbar that is almost impossible to remove or prevent you from installing MacKeeper.

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You could, at a pinch, push that I resisted answering your post but I agree with Bob. Thank you. I will try that tomorrow. Resolved Question. View answer. You are posting a reply to: Track this discussion and email me when there are updates. You are reporting the following post: Secures your connection, anonymizes your activities, and lets you access your favorite content from anywhere. Configurable, on-demand search for known viruses and malware.

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