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Filtered by: Previous 1 2 3 4 10 template Next. Make the game compatible with mac , I found out that meal is a technology from Apple that allows the main processor CPU and graphics processor GPU to work together more effectively. Is it possible that the lovely ED graphics can be seen in different graphical styles? The original was all about imagination. ED has really filled in what we had imagined with gameplay and graphics.

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I cannot have the graphics but can I have the gameplay? Whatever the reply I'd like to say thank you from a 17 year old boy, 30 years ago for making the potential of Elite a reality. Login to reply to this thread. Hello Although your mac is under spec, it should be possible to get ED playing: I had it running on my Mac book air, but it took some linkering with the graphics settings to stop it crashing and freezing.

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Although I lost all the eye candy it was playable with mac beta 4, although at the moment beta 5 is causing the app to crash on launch. Might be worth dropping some of your other graphical setting to see what's causing the freeze, I had a similar issue, and finally got round it on a much lower spec machine than yours using these settings below. My current setting are: MacBook Air 1.

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Originally Posted by Arkku Source. Originally Posted by GuiLo Source. Your imagination is to be applauded -: ED already has a range of graphics settings already available, it is after all a new game and it's going to have minimum requirements. Change language.

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Install Steam. Currently all I have is TF2, I can play it without lag but after an hour of playing it will freeze for 5 seconds and then it will crash, this started happening a month ago, also I want to know if anyone knows how to fix the problem I just listed, I already un-installed and still not fixed.

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  4. GO, and Garry's Mod. But I need to know if my mac can run them, and also if it even has enought memory to hold the games.

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    Here's the Specs, sorry if I miss some stuff, im a noob with this stuff so thats why im asking. Thanks in advance! Model Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments.

    Robohtman View Profile View Posts. S -Garry's Mod So im guessing sure your computer would be fine to run the games you want, but maybe check with someone else just to be sure. View Profile View Posts. A GeForce is not a gaming card.

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    It's designed for HD video playback, not gaming. The is pretty weak, but you should be fine running those games on low settings. I olay tf2 and Left for dead 2 on my macbook air Originally posted by Drygore Slayer:.


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