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Samsung Intelli Studio. If you are on travian. You may have sitters while you are still active. You may be seeing a dual account though, meaning that multiple people share the same account. This is okay as long as none of those people have or play another account on the same server. You can confirm this is allowed with Taranis Super Administrator on the games forums http: Thank you for your wonderful comments about our game.

I hope you enjoy your stay. If you haven't signed up already, use the link below. Im playing travian on the danish server 2.

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The game is pretty simple when you find out what to do. I normally use spies and then i find the cities weakness and attacks it. Everyone is farming me tho' got a lot more soldiers than them I play this and Tribalwars, I personally prefer Tribalwars But thats just my choice i feel tribalwars has been perfected better with easier access to things such as a one click button to take you to your tribes forums, i also think the layout is better with the mines all with in the village and everything upgraded from the Village HQ.

Travain does constntly remind me of "The settlers of Catan" It is quite a good game but i feel there are still some things to be perfected. Try Tribalwars - www. One of my favorite games By far better than Runescape, Habbo, Holywar, dragon fable etc. I think its the best internet game ive played But i could do without the waiting for the things to build. I cannot think of a game system that more easily creates the opportunity for, and caters to the "elite" gamer. You know the kind: The Travian forums are filled with these folks.

The administrators of Travian have done nothing to counter this play style. They have discovered a major flaw in the system. If you play this way, you will not survive. All of the FAQ guides written by the elites emphasize the necessity of 2 things: I believe that Travian "addiction" is actually a built in component of the game mechanics. The structure of the game promotes a culture of indiscriminate raiding, as the rewards for this activity far outweigh any risks.

It is a severe flaw and leads to critical imbalance. Once this exploit is developed in full, gross power and population imbalances will have been achieved by the "elite" players. Accounts that "sim city" or build up through internal resource development usually end up "0 poped" - essentially killed - by the "elite's. The preferred "elite" Tribe is Teuton, for 1 reason. Cheap, super raiders. Most player developed FAQ's focus on setting up a raiding structure within hours of starting the server, using this Tribe. Such a gross imbalance, one would think, should be addressed by the developers, but so far there has been little done to counter this design flaw.

The administrators of the game have created a fee system such that the speed at which your villages develop can be increased by sending them cash. As this is a crucial component of competition, people who don't use it will be at a disadvantage. So while "free", if you play to win, you will pay to win. A poorly designed game, and a poor community of players. But then the Romans were the original Fascists after all. I wonder why the game is described as "balanced".

As already posted so i wont repeat new players have only one possibility to survive. Luck pure luck. No matter the skill or effort or lost time one of the coexisting vandals many in that game i am afraid can finish you overnight. The ridiculous thing is that in spite of the resonable effort of the game to attract players it offers some players the possibility to push others out of game.

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Its kind of self destructive I find Ikariam much more balanced and interesting game i personally erased all my Travian acounts lucky or unlucky ones They dont deserve the time and effort I play games for fun and only fun Regards all. This might have changed since the game started, but I'd definitely have to say that a "plus" account gives players a chance to pay for "numerical benefits".

That's a slight numerical benefit if you ask me. Travian is by far the worst game I've played on-line in a long time. As many others have mentioned, once a server gets up and running read as over 2 weeks old there is no way for any casual gamer read as someone not willing to pay for Gold to have any fun. It was no fun whatsoever.

I gave it a month of my time, playing casually every day, but using up all my resources and turns. Needless to say all I accomplished was giving other players things not by choice and having my crops destroyed and my army decimated. It is by far the worst game to play casually. Do not play Travian! Those who are whining about Travian not being fair, will just go on to whine about some other game. They only like games where they can enter cheat codes and beat the game in one day.

If you actually enjoy a challenge, and want to play against an intelligent opponent rather than a simple minded videogame computer, you might like Travian. And while starting early is an advantage, I'd like to mention that I have played a server and attained a top rank,with a single player account, without gold, after starting 4 months late. So yes, it can be done, you just have to use your head and not expect everything to be given to you like a little baby. I've been playing Travian for a couple of months I'm not into building an army and waging war.

I've been attacked mercilessly by three individuals who are members of a huge alliance. I built a Trapper and two crannies in response. They still attack but I am at a loss as to why They LOSE troops to my traps I always release prisoners when I return to my village because I don't want to feed the prisoners. I do enjoy the game I'd just prefer to play a game where it's me against me and time, not me against thousands of people, who are mainly looking to "win" - which means destroying the guy that doesn't care about winning. I'm not whining, simply stating a fact The thing with travian is that game skills are rarely decisive.

Each round is won by gold players in a powerful alliance who decide in advance to play together. They end up with bigger armies and just kill everyone else. There is a meaningful contest between top alliances to build the World Wonder, timing your attacks and coordinating defence can be an interesting part of the game for these players. But the challenge for a non-gold player ie most players is survival. There are some ways to achieve that, mainly by being online a lot and keeping your measly troops out of harms way, and also building crannies. However because the winning mentality is essentially that of a teenage gang you mustn't kid yourself that you will be successful indefinitely.

Either you will be attacked with catas trying to destroy crannies, and this will randomly destroy everything in your village as crannies can't be targeted directly, or your non-capital villages will be mob-attacked and 'chiefed' taken over. Then that will be that. Still, seeing how far you can get can be interesting, and it's free. But it's not really a game of individual skill or imagination, and you can't say the best players win, just the players in the biggest gang.

So, take it for what it is, expect it to be somewhat unfair, don't be tempted to spend gold imo cos the pain of defeat will be even worse, and just see how long you can last. I love Travian played for 6 months now, and I have to agree that there were some great points made. Particularly to the inbalance, Teutons dominate.

If you are not a Teuton, it is very hard to be in the top Possible, but hard.

It is impossible to be 1 no matter how much you get on or whether you use a dual or triple acct. Raiding is the life blood of the game and while I don't think they should cater to the little. I hate democrats lol. If you're not raiding, you're not winning and like is stated, you need to devote a lot of time to that effort. I can't upgrade anything but the only thing I can upgrade is a claypit. But there is a shortage of food and when I try to upgrade the wheatfield I can't because I don't have enough resources Help Me Please!!

That is where you enter the cheats gold more soon attacker4. I have played through endgame and even held a World Wonder. While it is true that the top players spend ungodly amounts of time playing the game, it is equally true that most if not all of these top players engage in cheating. I know because I am one of them and my mates in my alliance do the same. How do they cheat?

Most have multiple accounts. For their top two accounts, they set each as "same-PC usage" with the other. For the next four accounts, they set themselves as sitters from their two main accounts each account can have two sitters. For the rest of their accounts, they log in through a proxy so that their IP addresses are hidden. I know of players who have controlled over a dozen accounts this way. With this many accounts, you can send resources and troops to your main account s and get larger faster.

The Travian mods are utterly incapable of detecting script usage unless you are very stupid and obvious about it. The important thing when cheating like this is to stay under the radar. There are too few mods and too many players for them to catch anyone but the most obvious and flagrant cheaters. Most bannings occur because one player complains to a mod about a suspicious player so don't do anything stupid like sending all your troops from all your multi accounts to attack a particular player. Don't brag about your cheating ways to other players either.

It is my hope that everyone uses the above cheating techniques so that Travian will finally realizes how widespread cheating has become and that they will then find ways to stop it. I played my first server completely cheat-free but soon learned about how the "top" players had used cheats to "win" the game. It sucks that I have to cheat in order to stay competitive now, but that is the reality of Travian right now. I don't know what most people here are talking about. I was farmed for a while by someone with a population of 40 higher than me.

I stopped him attacking by constantly using my resources and trained a small army of around 15 legionaires, and soon he got the message that the cost of rebuilding his army wasn't worth attacking my village. It's quite easy really. A big problem is that if your village is near a very strong player or if a very strong player targets you , you can't do anything.

I started Travian about a month ago on a server that had only restarted weeks before and I will shortly be gone for good. I landed near a player who is a gold user and a complete Rrr-Hole. As for the comment about only the 'polite intelligent' people being left? This guy is a LOLZ clown. Fact is that he has catapults. I would have had catapults in 2 or three days maybe but with the use of gold he simply out paced me in research and production - then he joined a huge alliance that requires members use gold and is pretty much untouchable.

So, in the last 48 hours he has knocked me back about a week in development - maybe more. Crannies DO NOT protect me vs catapults Catapults damage and ultimately destroy crannies So, not only can I no longer mount a defense - but he has destroyed my capacity to build troops or buildings to mount a defense. Several other players formed an alliance with me in an attempt to defend ourselves. All that did was help him and his alliance mates locate active players to target. It's not even that we are good farms. I read the FAQ and he got nothing out of me up until now.

But now he is destroying crannies I cannot hide resources from him any more. In case you are wondering too: But I refuse to BUY my victories. Basically, Travian is designed as a research and development race. That's it. Be the first with the most. And the way to do that is buy gold and have a Plus account. So, if you want to win in Travian, there is your answer. On us8 I was a member of an alliance that helped bring our confederate to win the game. I enjoyed my run there, so decided to start up another game on a different server.

I ended up on. On the. When this is brought to the attention of those in charge of the game called multihunters it is ignored. When pointed out, you are told "oh, well, we didn't mean it that way". Play on a classic server. When you are away, send your troops away on a long raid. Get sitters who live in different time zones 1 from the USA and 1 from Europe is brilliant. Do not play as a Teuton. Join a good alliance rather than founding one. I hope this helps the non-nerds to survive.

I did it and I was part of a victorious confederation. I would like to say that some of the early comments are wrong no offence travian is fun after 6 months. I am a 2 year veteran and the key is to start when the server starts and everyone has a fair chance. I would encourage all to try it and if you need help or a basic walk through please message me. I've mastered the ground troops and cavalry for my Gaul village, but now have several pathfinders but haven't found how to use them other than to attack and defend.

How does one use them as scouts? Whenever I send them on a raid, attack or reinforcement, I don't get any data from my intended victim. It would be nice to find out information on a new village before sending a raid. Travian is an okay game, but their US forum is annoying, people keep toying with you the whole time. I feel that the new T4 has issues, but beyond that I would more like to discuss the poor administrators also called Multihunters.

Travian - Walkthrough, Tips, Review

I feel that the choice of such people is pathetic. I have recently run into an issue where such an administrator has decided to harass one of the females in my alliance. This is disturbing as they represent the MH's, and they do this. Great choice in people! I also ran into an issue where a player has broken the rules, and nothing happened.

Hmm, strange that one can do this I will never recommend this game to anyone. Travian is for only the most hardened of gamers, those who can act like adults and not scream at others for plundering their village.

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This game requires a lot of time and concentration and can take away a lot of your free time very quickly in order to succeed at it. It doesn't take long to get used to the game though if it matches your schedule. As a 5-year long player coming back from a 2-year hiatus, I'm really liking the new T4 changes. Also, I like that they still allow you to play the game on your phone, and that it runs especially well on Safari on my iPhone. Don't complain about it, if you don't like getting attacked for your resources all the time, then go play Sim City instead and see what happens. If you want to control your 21x21, you've got to be aggressive first-point in the game.

Sure, maintaining and growing your spawn village may be easy and boring at first, but once you get into settling new villages and building up 1: As a gamer, I believe everybody should give this game a chance and try to get into it. It's very addictive and can keep you up at night on your phone, just doing the simplest of tasks to maintain your villages and send out attacks on your farm list.

I think the game is very well-balanced. Teutons dominate in the early game as raiders, but Gauls dominate at mid-game because of their easy to make, cheap as dirt phalanx, as well as their double cranny which allows them more resource protection at half the cost of which Romans and Teutons buy them. In the end-game, Romans begin to dominate with their excellent military, which is well-funded by the resource fields they sought to build up throughout the server.

I don't understand why these people say it is not balanced. The game developers do very well to make sure that all 3 of the tribes are the same in benefits. The only thing that unbalances them is TIME. If you want to excel at the game, then devote your time to it. When you go to the bathroom, check your phone. When you get off work, check your phone. When you get home, check your computer. It's THAT easy to play the game. Just like for any new game you start to play, give it some TIME. I have never had any confrontations with any MHs, and very little to do with them in any of the servers I've played.

Especially, don't ever create multiple accounts. You WILL get caught. Even if you do create them on different computers with different routers, you will still get caught. They'll probably drop the oasis from their farm list, but if they don't, then you are free to reinforce the oasis and kill their raids to make sure they understand. Leave a comment [ top of page ]. All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner s.

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Use our game submission form. Check us back often! We add new games every day and only the best games! Free online and mobile games. Review Travian. By Andrew April 25, Add to Favorites. Currently 4. Comments 83 Views 6, It's too slow to be playable. This looks like Settlers of Catan. Is this a clone? Nope not like settlers just a similar layout of hexagons. The screen shot above is your field layout. But good fun for a few months. Oh man! In what way does the game use AJAX?

I can't find a single use of it. It is a great game and if you play come join R. Now, I've warned you.. I agree with many of the comments above, even the ones that disagree ; Travian starts out as a nice little 'passive' game; you can survive quite nicely checking in once or twice a day.

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I've only been making troops, eheh As for the merciless travian is If they're rude I catapult them until their villages are destroyed But I still love the game. I might be able to help you here. Each building has its own purpose. Warehouse - Helps increase the amount of total resources of lumber, clay and iron! Granary - Like Warehouse, helps increase the amount of total resource capacity of Crop! Cranny - When someone attacks you, the Cranny automatically hides your resources for you! The best way to not get atttacked is to join an allliance. I am number one!

Best game ever. All in all, I'm glad I'm making this decision.. I'm a Travianoholic. Best regards, TBI. Dont bother playing this game unless you plan to have a 3 man team You may have sitters while you are still active. It is a game in which the absence of mercy is a virtue, and is well rewarded.

Thank You. How much can you upgrade a building? A lot of players cheat using multi accounts etc A big problem is that if your village is near a very strong player or if a very strong player targets you , you can't do anything. Crannies don't help when all your buildings can be destroyed very quickly without a problem. Graphics wise, the game is not very appealing. I'm not alone. Don't waste your time and really don't waste your money buying gold on this game.

I've played for over a year, on two servers one at. When pointed out, you are told "oh, well, we didn't mean it that way" The game is essentially rigged for those who are willing to cheat. Tips for non-geeks playing Travian: Is there some guidance anywhere as to how to use these pathfinders? I dont know how to. Just my two cents. I'll be getting to my dual roles now. Email Address. Remember personal info? Some notes about leaving Comments: Please consider creating a Casual Gameplay account if you're a regular visitor here, as it will allow us to create an even better experience for you.

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